Sunday, March 31, 2013

Naked Juice: Helps you look better Naked!

One of the greatest challenges of the juice fast is juicing on the go.  Whether you work, raise
children, commute, play sports, pole dance, or work as a pole dancer with a 2 hour commute and have two children who play multiple are busy!  Juicing, admittedly takes a great deal of time and effort. We found Naked juice to be the right fit for us. I credit this wonderful product as one of the options that allowed me to overcome Type II Diabetes.

Initially, Mrs. Avenger and I had to find time away, from our pole dancing day jobs, to retrain our schedules and focus on juicing.  At times, taking our kids to Frisbee soccer underwater chess club, interfered with our desire to stand at the kitchen counter and clean, prep, peel, and juice 1/4th of the contents of our refrigerator.  During the most challenging times we found ourselves wondering, why there are so few fresh juice bars in suburban America. Alas, we found Naked juice, in Starbucks, Convenience stores, just about everywhere....excellent marketing Naked Juice!

With limited available options; we gave Naked juice a try, and were pleasantly surprised.  Because of the quality ingredients we found that half of a regular sized bottle was all we needed to carry us over to the next meal. It worked to stave off any unexpected cravings for... say... Donut encrusted Bacon cheeseburgers.

We felt this was a quality product that gave us the boost we needed while on the road between performances, sports practices, and late night blogging sessions. Every juice we tried was pleasantly flavorful.  I relied on the "Green Machine" for my boost. It offered up a healthy dose of quality greens.  So fellow novice juicers, remember Naked Juice when you are out on the road, and trying to avoid the usual carb infested goodies that we usually rely on!

While we are not recommending these juices for every meal on the juice fast, they are a real asset when they are most needed!We found that keeping a couple of bottles on hand helped carry us through those terrible hours/days between shopping sessions, and on road trips, or on the way home from work. Thank you to Naked Juice, and other companies who offer these types of quality products.  We need more options like these available in convenient locations!