Friday, March 15, 2013

Black Seed: A Cure for Everything Except DEATH!

Cure for Diabetes, Cure for Cholesterol, Cure for Chronic Illness, Lower blood sugar

What is Black Seed? "Black Seed contains 15 amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, both fixed oils (84% fatty acids, including linolenic, and oleic), and volatile oils, alkaloids, saponin, and crude fiber, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. There are still many components in Black Seed that haven't been identified. But research is going on around the world." ((cite

For centuries, the Black Seed herb and oil have been used by millions of people in Asia, Middle East, parts of Europe and Africa to support their health. An aromatic spice, small and similar in size to sesame seed, it has been traditionally used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health, kidney and liver function, circulatory and immune system support, and for general overall well-being. ((cite
I recently learned about Black seed from a very dear Muslim friend. She told me that Black seed was mentioned in the holy Hadith, and that the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was quoted as saying  "Use this Black seed, it has a cure for every disease except death".  I conducted a little research and found several articles that described international studies of the black seed.  I focused on the use of Black seed in the treatment of diabetes Mellitus (Type II Diabetes). But there are studies on all sorts of conditions, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body. It's tougher to treat than most strains of staphylococcus aureus -- or staph -- because it's resistant to some commonly used antibiotics. ((cite All of the studies I find confirm what ancient medical professionals asserted. The black seed does have healing properties.

Let me be clear.  I do NOT condemn the use of medication. I do not condone or recommend replacing any Dr. prescribed medications for the treatment of any condition especially for Diabetes. Since January I have been using Black seed in conjunction with Metformin. I've continued to use this seed during my juice fast. Because I am using this and Sage (another known substance to assist in lowering blood sugar), in conjunction with the juice fast I cannot report on the effectiveness of black seed.  I can tell you that my sugar levels have dropped significantly in the last 2 weeks.  I can also report that within a day of beginning my black seed regimen my energy levels increased.

How to take it?  I take 1 teaspoon of black seed a day. You can mix it with honey, spread it on salads, or put it in your tea.  It tastes like strong Cumin, but it isn't terrible.

Where to buy it?  First there are several options.  You can buy black seed oil, black seed string cheese, or whole black seeds.  You can find these products online, or at just about any global market or Halal market. The ones I have currently come from Baraka, a product of Jordan, and are distributed from Dearborn Michigan.  All of the products I've linked to were out of convenience for the juiceavenger's readers, there are likely better products available and I do not recommend any specific type. I will say that I prefer the black seeds to black seed oil.  The oil was a bit too...oily... and the taste stayed with me for hours. 

I have begun to use Black seed as a supplement to a new healthy lifestyle. Juiceavenger always appreciates input from readers!  Have you tried black seed? If so, what was your experience?

Day 24!  6 days and a lifetime to go!