Friday, March 29, 2013

Diabetes Reversed?

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1 Day and a Lifetime to Go!  Day 38.  Friends. Last week I reported that I was taken off of my Type II Diabetes Medications.  Nearly 1 Week later, I am happy to report that my blood sugars have remained in the normal, NON-DIABETIC, range of (80-100). I am still conducting a 60 day juice fast and it is going well, with some modifications I will discuss below.  I am NOT eating processed junk. I imagine that my status would turn around very quickly if I were to return to old habits.

Under doctor's orders I have modified my routine a bit.  As of 2 weeks ago I started conducting moderate to heavy work outs at our local gym. I have added in some of the suggestions from Joe Cross's "Fat Sick, and Nearly Dead" reboot programs. I am eating mostly raw, some cooked vegetables for dinner, and for some snacks. If you are wondering about energy levels, they are through the roof! I am weight lifting for 1 to 1 and a half hours, spinning 3 days a week, running a hard core ab routine, and running on a treadmill on non-spin days.  I check my blood sugar regularly, and it has not fallen below normal. But it's important to make sure we have everything we need to ensure maximum success.

Vitamins:  The good doctor recommended that I increase my Vitamin D, and B12 intake during the juice fast.  This was pointed at my Type II diabetes.  He explained that medications for Type II diabetes (Metformin for me) can act as inhibitors to these two vital vitamins!  I would recommend, if you are considering starting a juice fast, that you check with a medical professional to ensure that you have everything you need!  These are vital for energy and weight loss also. This may lead you to wonder, as many do, about protein intake.

Protein.  We will host a discussion about protein intake in a later post, that Mrs. Juice Avenger is working on.  Bottom line.  I asked the doctor about protein intake on a juice fast, and while working out.  The doctor, who knew nothing of juicing explained that, based on the diet I described to him, I have taken in sufficient plant based proteins.  He drew my blood and conducted a test that outlined my overall nutrition, we are still waiting on those results, and will be happy to report the full results when we receive them.

Friends, my message and prayer for you.  Find something that works for you! If it's juicing, or some other lifestyle change go for it full force. If you are struggling with a chronic illness, YOU CAN DEFEAT IT, take if from this normal guy who watched a documentary and changed his life and health!  Change your mindset, and start moving!!!