Saturday, March 9, 2013

Today marks day 18 of the juice cleanse/fast.  It's getting surprisingly easier with each passing day.  This week I added in a moderate exercise routine, light weight lifting, and 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I had much more energy than I had expected, and felt pretty good after the exercise.  Blood sugar levels were the lowest to date.  Last night was a bit of a victory.  I went out on the town for guy's night out, and in spite of temptation made it through the night on a virgin bloody Mary.

It would have been uneventful had I not horrified the Thai waitress who was absolutely certain that I was trying to order a "BLOODY VIRGIN."  I assured her I knew I was not in Bangkok, and that I  just wanted an alcohol free tomato cocktail.  Now that I think about it she was likely more horrified by the drink itself.  Overall, it was a good night and this morning no carb or alcohol hangover.  It's a double win!

I have yet to experience many cravings (nachos), for really any extended period of (pretzles) time.  The juices do, in fact satisfy (snickers) most cravings (ice cream).  Seriously though, after two full weeks of this the challenges and temptations are minimal.  This is even more unexpected to me because we still have to prepare "normal meals" for our children.  So the smell of chicken, and Macoroni and Cheese breezes over my nose like a fresh ocean breeze on a warm summer day (someone's had too much snowquestor....but seldom do I get  overwhelming cravings...  The temptation is there, and it is difficult, but any desire to return to the processed junk I have filled my life with, that has lent to my becoming Diabetic and unhealthy is quickly dwindling.  To be honest I'm not at the point yet where I see no future in my love affair with the occasional fast food establishment. But  we (me and the fast food) are secure enough with each other that we are comfortable with entering in to an open relationship with say whole foods. 

What we need in the US are more healthy "fast/convenient food" options.  In a small suburb of any big city it's difficult to find anything other than chain restaraunts.  There aren't many tasty/good/wholesome options out there. Unfortunately the ones that do show up from time to time do not last long, because there simply isn't a sustainable market for them.  That, to me, is one of the biggest challenges of this or any good health plan.  I am tied to the juicer and there aren't many options for when I am out and about with friends or family.  I find that if I prepare something for the road, it helps... but let's be honest...  a cute little bag of carrots or a 5 Guys cheeseburger....  temptation be dammed!

So that's all of the musings for this fine Saturday morning and the beginning of day 18.  The next entry I will discuss coffee!!!!!   12 days and a lifetime to go!