Friday, April 26, 2013


It has been 65 days since I started the juice journey.  In short, it has not only changed my life but has also SAVED my life.  I am free of Diabetes medications, I continue to drop weight and I feel great.  The unexpected outcome is how I now view food, compared to how I viewed food prior to this grand experiment. 

In place of metformin and other medications I am managing Diabetes through diet and exercise. I must therefore consider the food that I take in as my medication. If I plan to maintain my health through diet and exercise there is little wiggle room.

I maintain that juicing is not the only way to find freedom from chronic illness, it is just one way, one step, and one piece of the puzzle.  Luckily for me I found the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead" by Joe Cross, and the Drew Canole, "Juicing Vegetables" Facebook page and decided to give it a try. It has worked miraculously for me. Regardless of the plan all that matters is taking a leap of faith, a first step. Choosing one of the many paths available in this world of "healthformation overload" is the only way you can expect to find success.

The secret to success is making a complete lifestyle change and changing your frame of mind.  First, I'd love to do away with the concept of DIETING as we define it today.  Our concept of dieting indicates that there is a finite number of days to a prescribed program, a beginning and an end.  We all know how these "fad diets" end.  Eating paleo, alkaline, vegetarian, vegan, Juicing, the 17 Day etc..  do little good if we return to our old ways after a brief 15, 17, 30, 60 day experiment.

We live in a commercial environment that provides cheap, easy, and fast food options.  Most of which are not healthy, or in many cases, not even in our food chain.  Until we remove these from our diet, from our available food chain there is no hope of sustainable transformation.

I had a reader, and new friend, Mr. Leo Morales Sr.  comment recently on an article that I wrote (Diabetes Meds Removed). I stated that I had enjoyed the juice fast, but that I would leave some wiggle room in the near future to have a cheeseburger when it was all over.  Mr. Morales responded:
"That's great to hear! But when you go back to refined flours, meat and sugary drinks as you say "leaving some wiggle room. Sure, I will have a burger at the end of my 60 day", you will have fallen back to exactly what got you there. There just isn't a way to leave any wiggle room when making such a change for health reasons. I suggest changing lifestyle completely to vegan and forsake all the normal American diet food."

I appreciated Mr. Morales' comment at the time for what it was.  His words sat heavily on my heart throughout the week however.  Would I continue to practice what I've been preaching after the juice fast?  Would I make the full lifestyle change?  Is there really wiggle room for a recovering diabetic? 

The answer came loud and clear while I lay awake last night thinking about the future of my transition.  No. There simply is no wiggle room when it comes to my health.  My friend was 100% correct.  Reform is reform. There is no place for nutritional backsliding, or even a temporary return to an old lifestyle.

This was not a diet this was a true transformation.  This was a wake up call and a lifestyle change combined.  Scientists state that the human body's cell structure transforms, on average, every 6 months.  I have spent two short months, transforming my body with impressive results. Why not continue to give my cells the proper nutrition they need to truly transform and completely heal.

Thank you to all of my friends and readers for the incredible outpouring of positive thoughts, energy, comments, and support over the last 2 months! I hope that you will all stay with me as I continue this fitness and nutrition journey.  I look forward to hearing and sharing your stories in hopes that we can all continue to learn from one another

Special thanks, again, to Mr. Leo Morales for having the courage and discernment to speak the words I needed to hear! Endless praise to Joe Cross, and the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Crew. Continued appreciation to Drew Canole and our friends at "Juicing Vegetables on Facebook for continuing to pay it forward!