Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spiced Spinach with Hippie Butter Hemp Seed! Recipe/Product Review

After sending out our collard greens recipe a few folks recommended trying it with Spinach. We tried it with a twist. I've been hearing about the benefits of Hemp Seed from our friends at Hippie Butter, and wanted to give it a try. We couldn't believe how much the Hemp seed improved the overall taste, and nutrition of our dish! If you are wondering about a good source of protein for your vegetarian/juice/Raw/Vegan lifestyle, wonder no more!   

I wasn't sure what to expect when trying these, some other seeds are bitter or lack taste.  I was happy to learn that there is a high amount of protein (10g) concentrated in just 3 tablespoons of Hemp Seed. The seeds taste GREAT they are wonderfully nutty, and have an overall pleasant aroma and taste They pushed our Spiced Spinach dish over the top! Hippie butter knows what they are doing!  All organic, hulled, and ready to jump in our bellies!

Overall: This Dish is Strongly Anti-Inflammatory, high in protein, and is a low Glycemic food! ENJOY! Great After Work out meal.

Recipe: Spiced Spinach with Hippie Butter Hemp Seed:

3 cups of Spinach
3 Tablespoons Hippie Butter Hemp Seed

Hemp Seed Nutrition

1 cup chopped mushrooms
1 medium white onion
4-5 cloves of Garlic (thinly sliced) (9 grams of protein in 136 g of garlic) and off the charts for anti-inflammation! EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Plus you can keep away the cast of Twilight, and other Vampires!
About 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
about 1 tsp Tumeric (strong anti-inflammatory!)
about 1 tsp Paprika
about 1 tsp Ground Cardamom
Salt/Pepper to Taste

Toast the onion, garlic, Mushrooms, and spices in the olive oil over low to med heat.

Hemp Seed:  You can throw in your hemp seed here to add a nice toasted flavor. Don't heat over 365 degrees or you will lose some of the vital nutrients.  Or you can toss them in as a topper. I'd recommend trying it both ways. 

Once your house smells like heaven, and you find yourself thinking about licking the hot pan.... and mysteriously craving Doritos (just kidding)...Go ahead and toss in the Spinach.

Blend all ingredients, cover and simmer about 15 minutes. Occasionally check and stir up the pan (either to ensure you don't burn the dish, or just to get a blast of the smell! )

It's fast, it's tasty, and it's a great source of vitamins, nutrients, Omega 3, and Protein! Thanks for a great product Hippie Butter!