Saturday, February 1, 2014

Emerging Details on Possible Extraordinary Health Benefits of Camel Milk

Juice Avenger has been away for a while, while we focused on a move from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.  It's been a roller coaster for the JA family, but we are getting to a point where we think we can return to regular posts and conversations here on the blog!

Since arriving in the UAE in 2013, I've heard talk of Camel Milk, and I've also heard some of the potential extraordinary health benefits associated with this "non-dairy" milk.  I have heard that it is being used in the treatment of ADD, ADHD, Autism, Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, and many more chronic illnesses that seem to plague ourselves, friends, and families.

On a recent desert safari with extraordinary Bedouin hosts in the Abu Dhabi Emirate the health benefits of Camel Milk became abundantly clear.  The evening entailed falcon hunting, a visit to the famed Abu Dhabi pure bred camel facility, dune bashing on ATV's followed by an amazing desert feast.  Prior to dinner our hosts freshly milked a camel, filled a tea pot with the milk, and boiled it over our camp fire, as we sat around, on plush cushions and seated on soft hand woven rugs,  enjoying the cool desert breeze, excellent company, and engaging in a deeper understanding of this ancient culture.  In a brief time the camel milk was ready, and the western guests waited in anticipation to try the creamy delight. 

As our hosts poured the hot steamy, fired cooked Camel milk, conversations broke out around the fire regarding the many health benefits, some I'd never heard.  Good for male virility, antibiotics, childhood disorders, stomach and intestinal health... the list went on and on.... and before we took the first sip of the milk, in almost an apologetic tone, we were told that it would be slightly salty.

It was NOT what I had feared, yes, Camel Milk is an acquired taste, but it was pleasant. If the health benefits are even one quarter true (which I believe they are), it is well worth training the taste buds to accept.  And frankly it was not so bad. A little salty, very creamy, and smooth.

Following my amazing evening in the desert I set out to find some answers to my questions regarding Camel Milk.  From what I have found, the science community is just begining to engage on this subject.

In the interest of full disclosure, it appears that the jury is still out as to the full potential of the milk.  From my reading however, there is clear evidence that Camel Milk is a healthy and recommended dietary supplement.

Known Nutritional Information:  2% fat, 5 times more calcium per serving than Cow's milk, 3 times the amount of OMEGA 3 and 6 compared to Cow's Milk, Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Naturally Ocurring Pro-Biotic, Contains High Levels of Protein and Insulin.

Below are just a couple of the potential health benefits based on articles, journals, and blogs.  Warning. Consult an actual physician before making this part of your diet. I am just some guy on the street, who wants to believe there are better ways to control chronic illness without relying totally on medication, but note that Medication is an important part of treatment, and believe that modern and ancient medicine have much to learn from each other:

Camel milk in diabetes//IT CONTAINS INSULIN!!!! : According to  Miracle Milk (and several other articles). The excerpt below was taken from the above-mentioned article.

"Insulin, produced by the β cells of the pancreas, plays a key role in sugar metabolism. In type I diabetes, no insulin is produced, in type II diabetes, insulin is produced, but the body’s cells are less sensitive to the effects of insulin. Insufficient insulin results in an increased blood sugar level. Camel milk contains a protein that is similar to insulin5,6. Camel milk also has an inflammation-inhibiting effect on the β cells of the pancreas. The insulin-like protein and the inflammation-inhibiting properties can explain the results of animal experimental7, epidemiological8,7 and clinical research6, which show that camel milk is good for people with diabetes."

We have also been reading through articles, publications, and blog posts regarding the effects of Camel Milk in the treatment of Austism, ADD and ADHD.  I find the results to be inconclusive, and filled with heated debate.  So, I open the discussion up to our readers. 

Juice Avenger currently lives in Abu Dhabi, Camel Milk is available in abundance here.  We will continue to search out availability options for companies capable of shipping and delivering! 

If you are effected by Diabetes, Autism, ADD, ADHD, or any other chronic illness or allergy and you have used Camel milk as part of your dietary supplement, what are/were the results?